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The Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão – LABRE (Brazilian Amateur Radio League), founded on February 2, 1934, will complete 80 years of existence and throughout the month of February 2014 will conduct a special operation to commemorate such an auspicious event.


In that period will LABRE stations operating in all Brazilian states, with special callsigns as follows:






Acre ZZ 80   AC Pará ZZ 80   PA
Alagoas ZZ 80 AL Paraná ZZ 80 PR
Amapá ZZ 80 AP Pernambuco ZZ 80 PE
Amazonas ZZ 80   AM Piauí ZZ 80 PI
Bahia ZZ 80   BA Rio de   Janeiro ZZ 80 RJ
Ceará ZZ 80 CE Rio   Grande do Norte ZZ 80 RN
Distrito   Federal ZZ 80 DF Rio   Grande do Sul ZZ 80 RS
Espírito   Santo ZZ 80 ES Rondônia ZZ 80 RO
Goiás ZZ 80 GO Roraima ZZ 80 RR
Maranhão ZZ 80 MA Santa   Catarina ZZ 80 SC
Mato   Grosso ZZ 80 MT São   Paulo ZZ 80 SP
Mato   Grosso do Sul ZZ 80 MS Sergipe ZZ 80 SE
Minas   Gerais ZZ 80 MG Tocantins ZZ 80 TO
Paraíba ZZ 80 PB    


The operation will be performed on all HF bands and also in the 2 meter band, the various transmissions modes.


All QSOs will be confirmed by commemorative QSL card by LABRE.


Specifically for QSO made from 03:00 UTC on February 1, 2014 until 02:59 UTC on February 3, 2014, to deliver a beautiful 80 Years LABRE Diploma, just one QSO with any station to jus do it.


All QSL and diplomas will be sent automatically as noted in the LABRE stations logs, no needed your log.





All QSL and diplomas will be sent via the bureau. If the participant prefers to receive a diploma or QSL via direct, you must send your QSL as follows:


• to receive QSL:                        1 IRC or 2 GS (maximum 3 QSL each envelope)

• to receive diploma:      3 IRC or 5 GS


Refer to:



Caixa Postal  4

70351-970 Brasilia – DF



To receive the QSL or the diploma via bureau is not necessary send your QSL, but LABRE, defender of that tradition and courtesy existing on the world amateur radio, will feel very honored to receive the QSL cards of all participants .


Ham Radio QSO you do with all the 27 stations will receive automatically the Diploma WAB ” Worked All Brazil ” , without request and without charge .


See the attached rules of the LABRE Awards Program.





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